Can You Hear That Ringing

Tinnitus (The British and healthcare professional pronunciation tends to sound like “TIN-ni-tus.” While the American and layperson pronunciation often sounds like “ti-night-tus” or “tin-NYE-tus”) is the ringing whooshing, buzzing or pulsing sound that researchers estimate 14% of adults hear/ experience.

There is still research and things that are actively being learned about tinnitus. What is generally understood is that tinnitus is a symptom of something else that has happened. In order to get rid of a symptom, you have to treat the root issue that is causing it, which can be difficult to find. Sometimes, something as simple as a plug of wax in your ear can cause tinnitus to occur, and once the wax is removed the ringing may go away. Other, more complex issues can also cause the ringing such as head trauma, neck issues, medications or hearing loss. 

The problem we run into is that some of these causes can be associated with nerve damage, and we have not found out a way to repair nerves yet, so the ringing might be something you have to learn to live with.

Despite what the internet would have you think, There is no pill or medication that is clinically proven to take away tinnitus. Although. noise therapy has been shown to help reduce or minimize the impact of tinnitus, and is an option that we offer in our clinic. 

Other things can set off the ringing and make it feel or sound worse. Things like lack of sleep, stress, or even dietary items like caffeine, dairy or alcohol are common things that can trigger the tinnitus or make it worse. 

Tinnitus can be a very unique to individuals and often needs to be evaluated on an case by case basis to help obtain a desired outcome. 

The first step is getting a hearing test to get some more information about your ears and hearing, which will help provide your physician with the appropriate information in order to look further into a specific direction.

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