Should I Get My Earwax Removed?

Everyone produces ear wax, but we all produce different amounts. Most people will produce wax that will eventually come out on its own as they go about their daily life. 

Certain individuals may have to get their ears cleaned out depending on the amount of wax they produce. Other factors can affect ear wax build up, such as the size or shape of their ear canals, or if they are using ear buds, noise plugs or hearing aids on a regular basis which prevents the wax from coming out on its own. 

Do not put anything small in your ears to clean them out, the best recommended method is to point each ear at the nozzle of the shower when you are taking a shower, and then dry out your ears with a towel over top of your finger once you are finished. This will help flush out random chunks, and help keep the wax moist so that it has a less chance of becoming hard and compacted. The movement of your jaw from talking and chewing will usually help the wax gradually work its way out of your ear canal. 

If you aren't sure whether your ears are plugged or not, ask your Physician or a Hearing Professional take a look in your ears and see. They might even be willing to remove the wax for you if there is an excessive amount. 

At Circle Hearing, we use a combination of procedures to remove the wax from someone's ears. We can manually remove using a small curet with a light on the end; this is the quickest and easiest removal as long as the wax is easily accessible, soft, and not too deep in the ear canal. If the ear wax is a little more difficult to remove, we will flush out the wax with some warm water and some pressure from a spray bottle. Some offices or specialists may also use a specialized vacuum or micro-suction to remove ear wax. 

Take care if you have had surgery on your ears in the past or if you have a ruptured eardrum, and be sure to inform your professional so they can choose the appropriate option for cleaning out your ears.